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The 3 Step

Mood Fix Method

I can't wait to show you how simple it can be to reset your mood and feel in control of your emotions.

You were meant for more than struggling through life because of overwhelm, anxiety, or low motivation.

In The Mood Fix Masterclass, I'll show you how a trauma-informed approach to resetting your nervous system biology can shift your mood and your energy effortlessly.

Do you experience any of these?

  • Waking up every night between 3 to 4 am
  • Always in stress mode and unable to truly relax
  • Feeling down and depressed for no apparent reason
  • Checking out with Netflix and chocolate instead of getting things done
  • Using caffeine, exercise or food for quick energy
  • Feeling irritable and frustrated by every little thing (and everyone!)
  • Confused about how to finally get control of your mood

You can reset your nervous system biology and take control of your mood. I'll show you how.

"Michelle listened to understand my symptoms and devised a personalized plan to give me more energy.  Within a few weeks, I was sleeping better, my energy levels increased and I stopped my daily napping habit.  I had clarity of mind as opposed to the mind fog from before that I didn't even realize was an issue.  Instead of fading into middle-aged helplessness and passing off my symptoms as normal, Michelle has shown me how to bring vitality back into my life.  I feel 20 years younger - I have the energy I need to exercise and accomplish my life goals.  I feel confident that my best days are ahead of me instead of behind me!"

- Marcia C


Certified Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP) and Clinical Herbalist


Certified Mastery Level Biology of Trauma Advanced Provider


I've helped hundreds of women around the world to address trauma-based fatigue, anxiety and overwhelm

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